Welcome to the IFMR Conference 2011

How do we go about enhancing depth whilst preserving stability in India’s financial system in an orderly manner as we prepare for a decade of robust economic growth? How ought our financial regulatory architecture be (re)fashioned to underpin and channelise this process? What role, if at all, do we envisage for potential new bank licensees and specialised non-bank financial services providers? How do we respond to customer protection concerns emerging across multiple categories of retail products?

The IFMR Financial Systems Design Conference will be held on August 5-6, 2011, to reflect on these issues in the context of the design of India’s financial system, and initiate a programme that helps pursue high quality research and policy work in the area over the next few years. Participants comprise a select group of leading researchers and practitioners, who will help answer key questions of pressing importance.

The spirit of this conference is to take a step back from specific institutional frameworks, products and regulatory architectures, take a more fundamental and functional view of the financial system, and accordingly attempt to understand what can be done to improve the ability of the financial system to fulfil its functions effectively.